SCHMIDT 1610 - lifting capacity 1400 kg

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Excellent užsirekomendavę Western countries, it is likely Schmidt front loaders will find its buyer, and Lithuania. There are a number of objective reasons. Let's say a medium-sized wheel loader 1610 Schmidt has excellent price-performance ratio and fuel economy. Knots and details, before the sale, repeatedly tested. All systems operate with extreme accuracy.
As practice shows, Schmidt 1610 loader is irreplaceable helper anywhere in your sphere of activity. With regard to agriculture, which have to produce hay stocks, the removal of manure, processing of well-being and perform other loading - unloading operations.
 Workers in construction Schmidt quickly appreciate the advantages of the demolition work, compared to the ground, drilling holes for pillars concreting, mixing and transporting to site mortar, the utilities and restoration of loading building materials or debris.
Large areas with logistics or production companies under the supervision of wheel loader useful areas at different times of the year, handling welfare, loading cargo.
Holding the wheel can change the four employees or hired crews. Loader, like computer game, controlled by one knob - joystick. A person who drives a car can handle easily and with front loader Schmidt 1610 management.
Truck cabin is ready for convenient use. It is equipped with comfortable seats. Its height is adjusted so that the operator can see all the necessary points to improve visibility and large front window, wide side windows and rear view camera. Heater ensures a comfortable work during the cold season.
Schmidt series forklifts unique secret - change accessories, allowing to carry out a wide variety of tasks at the same fork. "Nika Service even offers 19 different attachments themselves wide variety of applications. If the full range of accessories and appears too small, "Nika Service specialists quickly find the required device from another manufacturer and adjusts the available front loader Schmidt. Customers according to their needs, themselves decide what additional equipment and when they might be needed. The said equipment, in the shortest possible time, presents "Nika Service official, produced in Poland handled Schmidt, spokesman for Lithuania




Model 1610
Engine Model 490
Emission certification EURO3
Output kW/rpm 37/2200
Transmission Type full hydraulic
Dimensions Overall length mm 5400
Overall height mm 2620
Overall width (w/o bucket) mm 1780
Ground clearance mm 270
Auxiliary circuit Auxiliary hydraulic flow l/min. 35
Auxiliary hydraulic pressure Mpa 18
Drive system Tire size 12-16
Travel speed Low / High km/h 8/20
Max. traction force kN 35
Articulation angle deg. 40
Angle of rear frame oscillation deg. ±10
Loader clearance circle mm 8800
Turning radius track circle mm 2700
Brakes Service disc
Parking Four Wheel Hydraulic spread-shoed brake
Lifting specifications Tipping load (straight) with bucket kg 1600
with pallet forks kg 1700
Tipping load (full turn) with bucket kg 1300
with pallet forks kg 1400
Rated operating capacity (SAE) with bucket kg 1400
with pallet forks kg 1550
Operational specifications Standard bucket capacity m3 0,6
Breakout force kN 30
Lifting capacity at ground level kN 30
Loader raise / lower time sec. 5/3
Fuel tank l 55
Hydraulic system l 15
Hydraulic reservoir l 45
Operating weight (Including operator weight) kg 3600
A overall height mm 2620
B overall width mm 1780
C ground clearance mm 270
D wheelbase mm 2300
E tread mm 1450
F loader clearance circle mm 8800
G turning radius track circle mm 2700
1610 Bucket Specifications
H overall length mm 5400
I overall width mm 1700
J height to hinge pin mm 3350
K dump clearance mm 2850
L reached fully raised mm 940
M digging depth mm 160
N dump angle fully raised mm 43
O rollback at travelling position mm 53
1610 pallet fork Specifications
A1 overall length mm 6000
B1 height of forks at max. reach mm 1450
C1 height of forks at max. height mm 3200
D1 reach at ground level mm 1000
E1 max. reach mm 1600
F1 reach at max. height mm 620

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