SCHMIDT 3530 - lifting capacity 750-1000 kg

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Modeliui tinkančių priedų skaičius: 12

Kaina: 17999 € + PVM


In recent years, an increasing number of lifting equipment market "hijack" small, compact loaders. This increasing their popularity is not only a good price-performance ratio, a broad sphere of use, gražėjantis design and performance goals.
Like the larger Schmidt series loaders, 3530 has little economical diesel engine, hydraulics, reliable and easily operated joystick.
Despite its small dimensions, load capacity of 1915 Schmidt 1000 kg and the weight of the goods it can lift up to 290 cm height. Thinking about one person or one small business or farm families' needs, such indicators are more than sufficient. In addition, the small truck's size allows it to effectively use both in small spaces as well as a low indoor - hangars, warehouses, stables, farms, etc., And the client, to work not only outside, but also under the roof, there is no need to buy two different wheel loaders .
Of course, all of these works alone the base set-up in the bucket is not enough, so the loader Schmidt 3530 can be installed and additional equipment intended for agricultural work in the forest industry, etc. However, due to its limited dimensions and hydraulic power with the mini 3530 model truck can be used at all Schmidt offered additional equipment, but a small household needs its really enough.
You also need to consider the fact that the technology is not standing still, small wheel loaders power and opportunities to grow, so and equipment which can be used in even the smallest Schmidt series of models to choose from, over time, will increase.
On the other hand, choosing a truck can always consult with Nika Service - the official representative of Lithuania Schmidt, professionals who will help to find the most optimal and best meets the customer needs a solution.



Model 3530
Engine Model Kubota D1105
Emission certification EURO3
Output kW/rpm 18.5/1600 or 24.5/2000
Cylinder 3
Capacity 1123
Cooling Water-cooled
Electrical system V 12
Battery 60
Weights Operating weight (standard) 1700
Max. lifting force (dan) 1100
Tipping loads in bucket (kg)
Lift frame horizontal & machine straight 1000/850
Lift horizontal machine articulated 750/550
Vehicle data
Driving speed km/h 12
Capacity of fuel tank 26
Hydraulic oil l 40
Hydraulic system, Hydraulic Driving
Output l/min 84
Working pressure bar 300
Hydraulic operation
Output l/min 32
Working pressure bar 180
A Bar width mm 830
B Ground clearance mm 174
C Track width mm 803
D Total width mm 1110
E Total working height mm 3440
F Max. height of bucket pivot mm 2900
G Overhead loading height mm 2596
H Max. dumping height mm 2066
I Operating distance for M mm 613
J Digging depth mm 170
K Axle center mm 550
L Wheelbase mm 1370
M Rear overhang mm 960
N Total lenght without bucket mm 2960
O Total lenght with standard bucket mm 3780
P Coupler height mm 585
Q Seat height mm 1128
R Height to top of ROPS bar mm 2210
S Rollback angle at max. liting height deg. 49
T Max. dumping angle deg. 43
X Min. turning radius mm 2590
Y Radius at the outer edge mm 2220
Z Inside turning radius mm 1110
U Backroll angle on the ground deg. 50
V Departure angle deg. 25
W Turn angle deg. 45
Width 27×8.5-15 mm 970
Width 26×12-12 AS mm 1110




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